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Liverpool Sounds – Various Artists (2015)

Album Name Liverpool Sounds (2015)
Artist Various Artists
Genre Various
Audio Format Mpeg Layer III (MP3)
Bitrate 320 Kbps (Best Quality)
File Size 401 Mb
Number Of Track 51 Tracks

Disc: 1 
1. Love Me Do (The Beatles) – The Beatles 
2. Give Me The Moonlight Give Me The Girl (Frankie Vaughan) – Frankie Vaughan 
3. Halfway To Paradise (Billy Fury) – Billy Fury 
4. Lover Please (The Vernons Girls) – The Vernons Girls 
5. We Will Make Love (Russ Hamilton) – Russ Hamilton 
6. The Story Of My Life (Michael Holliday) – Michael Holliday 
7. Love Is Like A Violin (Ken Dodd) – Ken Dodd 
8. Be Mine (Lance Fortune) – Lance Fortune 
9. Whip Jamboree (The Spinners) – The Spinners 
10. Last Night Was Made For Love (Billy Fury) – Billy Fury 
11. Starry Eyed (Michael Holliday) – Michael Holliday 
12. Hey There (Lita Roza) – Lita Roza 
13. The Boll Weevil Song (Wailin Howie Casey and The Seniors) – Howie Casey and The Seniors 
14. Chicago Buzz (The Merseysippi Jazz Band) – The Merseysippi Jazz Band 
15. Frankie And Johnny (George Melly) – George Melly 
16. Get Out And Get Under (Clinton Ford with The Merseysippi Jazz Band) – Clinton Ford with The Merseysippi Jazz Band 
17. Never On Sunday (Lyn Cornell) – Lyn Cornell 
18. Theme From Danger Man (Red Price Combo) – The Red Price Combo 
19. Allentown Jail (Lita Roza) – Lita Roza 
20. Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On (Gerry and The Pacemakers) – Gerry and The Pacemakers 
21. Angela Jones (Michael Cox) – Michael Cox 
22. The Rose Tattoo (Michael Holliday) – Michael Holliday 
23. Make Me A Miracle (Mal Perry) – Mal Perry 
24. Daddy Rolling Stone (Earl Preston s Realms) – Earl Preston’s Realms 
25. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (Lita Roza) – Lita Roza 
Disc: 2 
1. The Green Door (Frankie Vaughan) – Billy Fury 
2. The Loco-motion (The Vernons Girls) – Frankie Vaughan 
3. What’d I Say (Gerry and The Pacemakers) – The Vernons Girls 
4. This Love I Have For You (Lance Fortune) – Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers 
5. I’d Never Find Another You (Billy Fury) – The Beatles 
6. Tower Of Strength (Frankie Vaughan) – The Crescents 
7. Have A Bit Of Pity On The Crooner (Arthur Askey) – Howie Casey and The Seniors with Derry Wilkie 
8. Dear Hearts And Gentle People (Michael Holliday) – King Size Taylor and The Dominoes 
9. The Man In The Raincoat (Lita Roza) – Frankie Vaughan 
10. Rainbow (Russ Hamilton) – Ken Dodd 
11. Collette (Billy Fury) – The DeLaine Sisters 
12. Fury’s Tune (Billy Fury) – The Spinners 
13. Baby, Baby, Baby (The Crescents) – Michael Allen 
14. That’s When Your Heartaches Begin (Mal Perry) – Billy Fury 
15. Sweet Little Sixteen (Michael Cox) – Clinton Ford with The Merseysippi Jazz Band 
16. The Sweet Life (La Dolce Vita) (Lyn Cornell) – George Melly with Mick Mulligan’s Jazz Band 
17. Greedy Landlord (Stan Kelly with Leon Rosselson) – The Spinners 
18. Gonna Find Me A Bluebird (Russ Hamilton) – Alma Warren 
19. Keep Your Heart (Michael Holliday) – Lita Roza 
20. Stealin (Alma Warren) – Arthur Askey 
21. Incurably Romantic (Frankie Vaughan and Marilyn Monroe) – Michael Holliday 
22. Funny All Over (The Vernons Girls) – Red Price 
23. Wendy (Johnny Gentle) – Norman Vaughan 
24. Talks About Writing I’ve Just Fallen For Someone (Johnny Gentle) – Michael Holliday 
25. I’ve Just Fallen For Someone (Darren Young) – Russ Hamilton 
26. PS I Love You (The Beatles)  


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