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Whitesnake – The Purple Album (2015)

Album Name The Purple Album (2015)
Artist Whitesnake
Genre Rock
Audio Format Mpeg Layer III (MP3)
Bitrate 320 Kbps (Best Audio Quality)
File Size 167 Mb
Number Of Track 14 Tracks


1. Burn (6:56)
2. You Fool No One (Interpolating “Itchy Fingers” ) (6:23)
3. Love Child (4:12)
4. Sail Away (Featuring “Elegy For Jon”) (4:53)
5. The Gypsy (5:29)
6. Lady Double Dealer (three fifty-four )
7. Mistreated (seven thirty-seven)
8. Holy Man (4:41)
9. Might Just Take Your Life (four fourteen)
10. You Keep On Moving (five six)
11. Soldier Of Fortune (3:18)
12. Lay Down Stay Down (3:51)
13. Stormbringer (5:17)
14.Soldier Of Fortune (Alternate Mix) (Japan Bonus Track) (3:18)


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