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VA – Minions (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2015

Album Name Minions (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2015
Artist Various Artists
Genre Various
Audio Format Mpeg Layer III (MP3)
Bitrate 320 Kbps (Best Audio Quality)
File Size 155 Mb
Number Of Track 32 Tracks

01. Universal Fanfare
02. Happy Together
03. I’m a Man
04. You Really Got Me
05. My Generation
06. Mellow Yellow
07. Revolution
08. Minions Through Time
09. Kevin, Stuart and Bob
10. Minions Run Amok
11. Tortellini
12. The VNC
13. Minions In the U.S.A.
14. Orlando
15. Scarlet Overkill
16. Ruby Fight
17. Make ‘Em Laugh
18. Scarlet’s Fortress
19. Traveling Tribe
20. Tower of London
21. Hair
22. Fighting the Crown Keeper
23. King Bob
24. Theme from the Monkees
25. Dungeon Mayhem
26. Goodbye Fabrice
27. Minion Mission
28. Sneaking In
29. King Kong Kevin
30. Our Hero Is Back
31. Minions Victory
32. Greatest Renegade Unveiling (GRU)


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